Sweetcorn Its colour, its taste and its texture are all highly attractive to carp. It has caught me a ridiculous number of huge fish.

Seriously though, any corn will work. Apart from the fact carp like its taste, canned corn has sugar and salt added to it, which are both good carp attractors. Also, corn has a lot of highly-attractive amino acids that will give off food signals under the water.

The yellow colour of corn is also significant, and like the fluoro boilies it is an advantage when you use it over lake beds where it really stands out. You can use it in quantity or by itself – again, corn is a hook bait that will work very well on its own.

It’s also brilliant in cocktails with hemp and tigers. If you spod out a mixture of hemp and corn into your lake (75 per cent hemp and 25 per cent corn) you won’t go too far wrong.
One disadvantage is that it’s also liked by nuisance fish and often won’t stay on the hair for very long. If this is the case, try using plastic corn imitation hook baits. They do work very well! I have caught fish to over 30lb using plastic corn hook baits, fished both as single hook baits and over beds of bait.

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